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Emergency Prep List

Given the general State Of Things, I've decided to get started on my emergency preparedness plan. So far I will assume that we won't have to evacuate the house, so #5 can wait a bit. But I've made a good start on #1-4 below.

Priority #1: Clean Drinking Water
Emergency Water Pouch
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
LifeStraw Family Water Purifier

Priority #2: Food Rations (Items marked with a tilde ~ are estimated calories, since I haven't actually purchased these items and can't confirm calorie content.)
Meals, Ready to Eat (173 calories per dollar)
Valley Food Storage 1 year "value" supply - My Review on Amazon (139 calories per dollar)
Wise 120 entrees - My Review on Amazon (139 calories per dollar)
Augason Freeze dried veggies - My Review on Amazon (46 calories per dollar)
Freeze dried fruits - My Review on Amazon (33 calories per dollar)
Legacy Gluten Free Emergency Meals - My Review on Amazon (122 calories per dollar)
Wise Gluten Free Meals - My Review on Amazon (91 calories per dollar)
Emergency Bars (~577 calories per dollar)
Emergency Meal Tabs (~111 calories per dollar)
Seeds & more seeds

Priority #3: Food prep ability without power
Portable wood-burning stove
Stow-away pot
Solid fuel tablets
Fire starter

Priority #4: Communications
Hand-crank radio

Priority #5: Portability
Heavy duty wagon
Emergency raft
4-person tent
Sleeping Bag
Solar light
Cookware set

This is all on top of a fairly extensive library of books on identifying edible wild plants, first aid, survival, and food storage information. All of which is in a water-proof wheeled cooler for portability.

I am also packing up our own dry rations, using mylar bags and oxygen absorbers from Amazon. I bought enriched rice and dry beans from Walmart. This ends up being 959 calories per dollar, more than five times more cost effective than even military-grade MREs. Though I still thing the MREs are an excellent purchase, and I'm glad I've gotten a wide variety of meal options via different brands. If we do have to rely on these rations for our survival, at least we won't get sick of eating the same thing every day!


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