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Trolls on the Internet

Long YouTube conversation full of vitriol after the cut.

In response to the first segment of this video:

Most pertinent comments are in red text. I wanted to show an example of an absolute troll who you cannot POSSIBLY reason with (towards the end of the thread).

Jacob Ferrera
hang on women get offended being called female? someone please explain this one to me

Calling a woman "female" under /certain circumstances/ can seem insulting. For example: "We counted the number of doctors practicing medicine, and then also counted the number of female doctors practicing medicine." - which implies that "doctor" is automatically a male term, and that the "female" identifier needs to be applied to indicate "non-normal" doctors. If someone said "We counted the number of male doctors practicing medicine, and then also counted the number of female doctors" - then there's nothing wrong with that statement. As long as a person is using both male and female (or other gender terms) to make indications, then they're not showing a particular bias against women. But to insinuate that "there are people, and then there are females" is what's insulting. And unfortunately that happens /all the time/. That's why it can be offensive.

Matthew Clark
kyawhitesapphire So they're sensitive dumbasses

Jacob Ferrera
+kyawhitesapphire okay that makes sense thank you

David PeoplesTV
They're feminist

mueez adam
kyawhitesapphire ah, I never thought of it that way. I feel like that's just how things are though, most professions have an unbalanced gender ratio. If someone were to make a blanket statement about "female doctors" then that would be insulting but simply describing the person as female isn't inherently offensive in my opinion.

Feminism Must Die
+kyawhitesapphire - What you said makes sense, but it has no application to this example.

Motherfucking Nightwing
Yes and because they are cancer itself.

I agree with that, but that's not what the hat was meant to say. It was changing what Trump said from a sexist statement, to one meant to see women for their intelligence and personality, hence "her brain". In fact the only reason they made it "her" is because Trumps original statement was addressing women and they were directly opposing that.

Dani d
If you notice the type of people who use the word female, they're usually the type of people who dislike women in general...
The word is so medical its almost like a way to point at our genitals without being outright vulgar.
It's like the kid playing the "I'm not touching you game". No hes not touching you but he sure as shit is invading your personal space. Technically no, the word female is not a bad word, but the type of people who only refer to women as females sure as shit don't mean it in a positive way

greg davis
kyawhitesapphire That's overthinking it though. Unless the intent was to purposely imply that doctors were male which you can't know for sure. Used to be you didn't have to dissect everything before you said it. Nowadays it's hard to say more than a sentence without someone insinuating you're saying something you're not. If you interpreted it the way you said what difference would using female instead of women or girls really make. It's the way it was phrased, not the use of the word female that was taken offensively the way you put it. Male & female, guys and girls, men and women, gentlemen and ladies. All terminology used in different circumstances, none of which is meant to be offensive.

Lucia N
Yeah, I agree with you. I mean there are definitely worse things, but it's just kind of "eh". Like if I saw someone wearing the "grab her by the brain" hat I wouldn't be offended but slightly uncomfortable unless they were wearing it in a sarcastic sense. It just kind of rubs me the wrong way depending on the context, not worth making a big fuss imo.

Molly Schemel
There was a guy I knew that would always use female in a derogatory way. He would call women at work bitches and say I hate working with females, females are so sensitive, you're a female, why would you want to do that. Stuff like that. So yea I don't think it's offensive if used normally, but the guys I've known who use it frequently do so in a derogatory way, giving it a negative connotation. Lumping all females together, falsely representing them as all being bitchy or sensitive, that type of thing.

+Feminism Must Die - Agreed, and I don't find the use of the word female to be offensive in the case mentioned in the video. However, I can understand why some women are sensitive to the term.
+greg davis - I wasn't overthinking it in the example I gave. When I was in the army, the male drill sergeants, and my platoon guide, used to say "the male soldiers (or sometimes just "the soldiers") are gonna do this, and the females are gonna do this." I finally lost it and had words with my platoon guide. I told him that "male soldiers and female soldiers" is fine, and "males and females" is fine, but we were ALL soldiers. Except he was separating the "females" into a "not soldiers" group. After I brought it to his attention, he apologized because he didn't realize he'd been saying it that way. After that he referred to both groups on the same terms. I don't know how it got back to the drill sergeants, but the female drill sergeants started calling all the men "males" to drive the point home. "Alright MALES, get in formation MALES." In that context, "men" wouldn't sound derogatory, but I hope you can see how "males" just overly simplifies these humans into their biological designations.
+Lucia N - Agreed. While I understand why some women would dislike the term, I think making a big deal about it in this particular way isn't really helping the cause. If we want to be respected, we have to use reason and good sense to educate people. We're not going to earn respect by flying off the handle - that just makes people get defensive and shut down.

Monkey Playz MC
Jacob Ferrera exactly I don't know why, and I am 'female' and it is not offensive to me at all. It is just like calling a boy/man male. It's a gender, not a stereotype or race. I just don't dont get it! Geez other women why u so crazy!! XD

+kyawhitesapphire - I actually really dig this discussion, because you kind of touched on something that's always bothered me a bit (in a minor way, but still). Saying "Alright MALES, get in formation MALES" definitely sounds odd, seeing as how "men" or "troops" would work fine, and not adding a descriptor after "female" (e.g. troops, soldiers) is also odd. But it made me think of when I worked customer service. If I ever needed to tell the GM, assistant manager, or shift runner about a customer's question, problem, etc., in front of the customer, I would always say "This man needs...", "The gentleman was...", or "Well, he is..." when referring to male customers and it always sounded ok to me. But whenever referring to female customers, I would always default to "So, she seems...", because referring to her as "the lady" or "this woman" always sounded off and quite a bit down-putting.
In the back of my mind, a small voice would sassily say " THIS lady", like that's how it would be perceived, so I just used something else. But it always bothered me, because I couldn't come up with a pair of terms to establish parity. What do you (all) think?

greg davis
+kyawhitesapphire - 10 years in the Army myself. Male, female was just the terminology. There's nothing derogatory in just the words themselves Like most words they can be used positively or negatively. Taking offense at a non offensive word itself is silly. . I agree in that second instance speaking up was the correct action because he was, like you said, not knowing he was doing so. I also agree that in that instance it was used in a derogatory way, but seemingly unbeknownst ( to at least your PG, you never said about the male DS's) Although once again you're not taking offense to the words themselves you're taking offense to the context in which they were used.

Love bug
Jacob Ferrera many men use it as an insult like "those females be crazy" or "shit she's a female what'd you expect" like? It's not an insult. Heck yeah I'm a female and I'm proud.

Aaron P.
it just seems like (using your example) that they're asking for the total sum of doctors and then they are figuring out which of those doctors are female. so the word itself is not whats insulting, but, its usage/intent of how its applied?

Amber Lynn
I'm a female and I literally don't understand it at all.

Nicole Diaz
Jacob Ferrera I don't understand that. Being called a female is like calling some my guy, my boy, guy, boy, etc. I just doesn't make sense that it's offensive

Robert Dubay
in the military we always say male and female. IDK why

mueez adam
+Love bug >those females be crazy
Elliot Rodger, maybe.
Joe at the office, no.

Awesomelvl99 - Tayen
Robert Dubay EXACTLY. That is exactly what I was thinking. maybe it's because anyone in the military doesn't get offended so easily

MaryRachelle C
The only explanation is modern third wave feminism. It doesn't make sense it just is.

XO 6st
Funny isn't it. Politically correct only works when it works for their needs to bitch about something. That's all that shit is. That is why Hillary is winning right now. Woman may have just ruined any future female getting into office. Thanks hillary.

Arc Vickens The Neo-Asceticist
get over yourselves......all of you

MaryRachelle C
+XO 6st Modern third wave feminist,not women. Most women don't even label themselves as feminist due to the craziness of third wave feminism. In case you haven't noticed there are a shit ton of male third wave feminist and men who fully support Killary.

James Campbell
+Aaron exactly, but YOU as a male have no control over it. What does that tell you about those types of females?

I don't understand either. Female is just a too technical term for women so it just sounds silly to me, just like every other "proper" name for something. It's not offensive but it is kind of weird to be said aloud and not have anything to do with something like a medical exam lol

kyawhitesapphire14 hours ago
+Acerbium - There was an interesting discussion about this on.. I think the Hello Internet podcast? About how saying "Thank you Sir" sounds perfectly normal and polite, but then you get to "Thank you Ma'am" and suddenly you halt because "can I call this woman a ma'am" - not because it sounds insulting, but ma'am often has a connotation of older or southern women, moreso than Sir does for men. With the exception that people from the south have no problem saying ma'am, because it sounds perfectly natural to us. There are numerous examples of how we (as a culture) are much more comfortable with a lot of things when it involves one gender, but are less comfortable with it when it involves the other. This can go against men as well, for example, people see a single man in a kiddie park and assume he's a predator (rather than an uncle watching his niece/nephew). Or how Ellen can parade half-naked men across her stage in a sexually suggestive manner to a cheering female audience, but if the genders were reversed people would have a fit. Culturally we have a lot of double-standards, unfortunately. What's really alarming is how /normal/ they all seem until they're pointed out to us. Then again, my mom (who raised me to be a strong, independent woman) saw nothing wrong with The Honeymooners (and other shows) when she watched it (/them) in the 50s, but when she watched them more recently, the blatant misogyny was readily apparent. They were products of their time, and at that time, it was regarded as normal behavior.

Arc Vickens The Neo-Asceticist
kyawhitesapphire ...I'm sry, could you repeat that? But maybe summarized...?? ....it was just a lot of words to take in....idk

siri chauvaux
Jacob Ferrera those are radfems not feminists

hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
+Dani d So you're just making assumptions?

Jacob Ferrera if you look at the whole animal kingdom, there are male and female species. there are cows and bulls, cocks and hens. however when it comes to us, human beings we are called men and women. not male or female, we do that not only as a sign of respect but also to give each other the acknowledgement of being part of the human kind with humanity, kindness, cleverness and the human resiliency we all share. when the word "female" is stated a woman is dehumanized. I hope this helps. I mean it is each to his own. I don't like it but I won't and don't attack and anyone who says it in front of me. now am I going to be their friend, no not necessarily.

George hall
Then why is it fine for men to be referred to as males. I see tons of people saying male in normal conversations without "men" getting triggered. Male and female are the scientific labels given to people when they are born, it is completely objective, which should honestly be a positive thing in the opinions of people. Female is not a dehumanizing word, only your distorted view of it is.

Hannah Cheshire
Monkey Playz MC you're literally perpetuating the problem

Sleep jimmy
kyawhitesapphire So they are overthinking it and are too sensitive? Also that doesn't happen in this case.

iceking guwop
its just feminazis that think that theyre being opressed 24/7

Alexa Swass
It's only one dumb ass jsw feminazi please. she's not a delegate on our behalf.

Garth Algar
Lets use that example in a different context though:
Calling a man "male" under /certain circumstances/ can seem insulting. For example: "We counted the number of teachers, and then also counted the number of male teachers." No male, of sound mind, would be butt hurt over that, it's ridiculous.

No, male and female can apply to humans just the same as man and women and both terms are used in different situations (although the terms man and women are not used for any other species in the animal kingdom other than Homo sapiens). For example when describing someone's gender with their profession you would say male/female, for example: she is a female doctor, he is a male doctor, whereas we would not say he is a man doctor, or she a women soldier!. It is just the English language and how we use it, how can it be sexist or dehumanizing when it A: applies regardless of gender and B: is not mutually exclusive to being human? I cant believe such things are the things that are being debated by feminists now, how low they must have fallen!

Miss Capri
Lol You know something else? It's those same sorts of people who are always condemning others and turning everything into a gender issue. Feminists scream over being called female, yet they're always spewing "White male" this, "White male" that. SJW just don't practice what they preach. That's because feminists really have nothing to fight for. So they are desperate to make up anything to fight over, out of thin air. They want to be thought of as special or heroic or some such thing that they have to invent things to be outraged about.

Miss Capri That is possibly the worst argument I have ever heard against feminists. Saying they have nothing to fight for is just wrong - things like fair pay, blatant discrimination, abortion, etc.
Just because a couple of dickheads taking it too far, that doesn't mean they have nothing to fight for

A - Kuma

Simple: the women that get offended by it are stupid females.


YouHaveTheSyndrome women are paid equally per the equal pay act. Women can get an abortion, see roe v wade. Republicans don't want to restrict abortion because they hate women, they do it because they see abortion as the murder of a child. Feminists don't have much to fight for.

James Campbell
+YouHaveTheSyndrome The wage gap is a myth, their is a discrepancy in earnings which is all about CHOICE and even that study lumps in different job functions into one
More women go into pediatrics and Veterinary
More men go into plastic surgery and anesthesiology
Which pays more?
Discrimination? Like our education system being catered to women so they do better?
Collegte is 60% women, they get more BA, Master's and Doctorates? They have specific scholarships and grants?
Yea, we need meninism apparently
Rape is always believe the woman? Feminists shout for no due process because women are non lying angels?
Abortion? It's legal, you can kill a baby, then spout off that guns kill toddlers
People like me don't care and actually don't want you or feminists to procreate, we need real men with mom and dad, not divorced single moms who hate males. We don't want to pay for abortion via tax dollars
Any other nonsense you want debunked?
Can you name ANY right men have that women don't? I just named a few of many that is the opposite

Mariana Rosas
YouHaveTheSyndrome maybe check out "Factual Feminist"? It's an opinion you might take seriously, and she's a very educated woman. Besides, women can actually vote, so maybe... vote for the candidate that has better propositions (or just vote, because a lot of people don't)

Rochelle Rodriguez
Rochelle Rodriguez3 hours ago
Using the word female to refer to women too often also makes people sound like ferengi...not a good look.

+Rochelle Rodriguez - You force your females to wear clothes! Disgusting! ;]

it has MALE in the word obviously

21BakDoor2149 minutes ago (edited)
+kyawhitesapphire - Thats just fucking dumb
EVERYTHING was a male only title at one time remember? Just because you specify women doctors, thats some how offensive? That is some how not as good as the male doctors just because you specify that they're women? How fucking retarded are people here?
Never did the word female indicate, at any time, that the woman is not as good.
The fact that they even specify women doctors in the first place is probably some shit that women came up with in the first place.
Under different circumstances you might also refer to the male doctors the same way. Should the men be throwing a fit over it and demanding that we be called something different than male? haha This shit right here is why it was ILLEGAL for women to do any fucking thing. These dumb muther fuckers dont belong doing shit but fucking, cooking, raising kids, gossiping, spending money and keeping their ignorant ass mouths shut on things that matter. Stupid fucking self hating women.

That sounds mean and I'm sorry but the fucking truth is the truth.
Some women are smart but thats a rare occurrence and them women ALWAYS get along with men better than women. I wonder why the fuck that is?

We are about to elect one of the dumbest into the presidency
WHY? Because shes a dumb ass woman and its time for a woman president
NEVER MIND all the criminal shit shes done
NEVER MIND what she will do once shes in there, shes a female and its time for a woman president haha

You following the female logic here?

"Some women are smart but thats a rare occurrence and them women ALWAYS get along with men better than women. I wonder why the fuck that is?" - Probably because you're a misogynist asshole that most sane women wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. I'd love to discuss this like a rational person and provide counterpoints to your arguments, but clearly you're not at all interested in rational discussion. Feel free to spew all the vitriol you want, I'm now un-following this thread.

+kyawhitesapphire - You dumb bitches aint shit. Ive ran through you little dumb hoes like water. How the fuck do you think I know so much about you dumb fucks? I dont hate you bitch, I hate your ignorant way of thinking. What fucking part of any of what I said is not true you fucking moron? I dont give a fuck if the truth hurts your feelings or not.
You attack me for telling the truth that a lot of pussies are scared to say. Truth is the truth so hate yourself girl

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