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My House Looks Familiar

Apparently, my house has a look to it that people just find... "familiar". Once or twice per year, someone comes up to my house and asks for someone who has never lived here. I've owned this house since 2004, and I know the name of the couple who owned it for decades prior to that. They were an elderly couple, whose children had families of their own.

A man knocked on my door this morning, and asked for someone by name, someone who has never lived here. When I said that person didn't live here, he said "Oh, he must have moved out." And I said "Over a decade ago?" (It didn't occur to me until he left that the name he mentioned also didn't belong to the couple who had this house before me.) And he said "Maybe?" And I said "Maybe you have the wrong house? I've lived here since 2004." and he said "Oh, maybe. No wait, I know it's this house, because I mowed this lawn!" (as he pointed to my front yard. Which is gravel, and has presumably not had grass in it for decades.) "No, you have the wrong house." I said.

Earlier this year it was a couple looking for the family that had sold them their cat through craigs list. Apparently the litter of cats had some condition, that the family had just found out, and under the guise of wanting to "warn" this family, but by their line of questioning, also wanted some form of compensation. They were looking for a middle-aged couple with two children, which as I said, haven't resided in this house for decades.

This kind of thing happens a lot. While the houses in my neighbordhood are fairly cookie-cutter, my yard is pretty unique. The former owners must have ordered a whole truck of concrete for a project, and then didn't know what to do with the remainder, so started putting concrete EVERYWHERE. So there are concrete barriers around all the trees and bushes out front, which look like jagged white teeth surrounding all the plants. I have "Green Dragon Clan" in sticker-letters on the mail drop that's next to the garage, something which I am sure NO OTHER HOUSE in the NEIGHBORHOOD has. And I've lived here for 12 years. Unless there's a fold in space-time that allows other people to occupy my house at the same time as I do, I'm fairly certain I know who has and has not resided at this address since I've owned it.

And yet people argue with me. Like either I'm lying, or I'm the one who is mistaken. WTAF?


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Oct. 1st, 2016 04:43 am (UTC)
Ugh. That used to happen to us way too often. Some drunk guy looking for his girlfriend. A truckload of very large Hispanic men looking for somebody named Belinda. An exchange student looking for 'same house number, different street'. Probably some others I'm forgetting.

Best/worst (and thankfully, most recent) was a few years ago where a uniformed cop bangs on our door in the middle of dinner, says he has a warrant to serve on 'guy who doesn't live here' at 'address that doesn't exist but shares three digits with ours'.

(All the addresses on our cul-de-sac start with 35. All the ones on the mirrored cul-de-sac across the main road that shares our street name start with 36. Cop is looking for 3*7*XX, an address that does not, physically, exist)

All four people who live here have to come to the door with our IDs, which show that we live at 35XX. We point at the giant brass numbers we have mounted by the door that say 35XX. We swear that nobody else lives here, and that we don't know w/e guy he's looking for. We explain the non-existence of the address he wants.

Eventually, after about ten minutes of back and forth, cop leaves. No apology for interrupting dinner and scaring the crap out of us, mind you. I guess I should just be grateful nothing worse happened.

(Bonus points: Five minutes on the internet with a reverse address directory and I found the guy he was looking for, living at 36XX. SA's finest, ladies and gentlemen)
Oct. 4th, 2016 04:23 pm (UTC)
Wow, upstanding member of the police force, there! >_> Maybe "Lrn 2 Intarweb" should be required training at the academy?
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