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2015 In Review

The most important thing that happened in 2015: Srdjan and I got married on May 21! We held our wedding at Medieval Times, and had family and friends in attendance. It was a wonderful day, full of all the magic one would expect. And just like in the fairy tales, every day has been just as full of magic and happiness. Which of course was to be expected, since all the days I've spent with Srdjan before the wedding were also magical. I feel incredibly lucky to have found such a wonderful partner, and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him.

I had to put Dezi down this year, as she had largely stopped eating. She also got to where we couldn't even keep her in the back yard anymore. She'd find a way to climb over the fence, so we started clipping her to a long chain. She then figured out how to get off the chain and still escape. I don't know why she was so hell-bent, but literally as soon as we'd leave the house, she'd be out of the yard. And then it got to where as soon as we let her outside, she'd bolt for the fence. I don't know if she ended up getting into something while wandering the neighborhood that made her sick, or if she was already sick and that's why she kept running away. But she lost a lot of weight and was mostly skin and bones by the time I took her to the vet to put her down. She was pretty old so the only thing we could have really done was to make her comfortable for a couple more years, which didn't make a lot of sense. I gave her a good life for as long as I could, and was sad to see her go.

I didn't spend as much time on the treadmill this year as I would have liked. I spent a month and a half towards the end of the year exercising every day, and drinking no alcohol at all. Unfortunately this did nothing to reduce my weight, so I once again became discouraged and fell off the wagon. I am averaging around 135lbs, which is about 15-20lbs more than I really ought to weigh. It's just hard to maintain any kind of regimen when I don't see any results.

I started 2015 supporting six different executives: four of my own, plus two from a coworker on maternity leave. It was a lot of work and I could barely keep my head above water. When the new fiscal year started in April, that dropped to two executives, and it was bliss. JZ and Marjorie are great people to work with and for, and I've been very happy with my job. I attended two planning meetings (JZ's in Dallas and Mike's in Denver), and then I went to our Worldwide Sales & Marketing Conference in Orlando in late April. Thus began the tradition of attending Quarterly Business Reviews. This year I travelled to Denver, CO and Newport Beach, CA, and in a couple of weeks I'll be heading to Phoenix, AZ. It took some hard searching to find smaller luggage, but I think I've finally gotten my method fairly well perfected so I can travel light and don't have to check bags.

I put together a Commander deck for MTG, which keeps absorbing all my favorite cards as they rotate out of Standard. I really love this deck, and wish I could play it more often. Srdjan and I are planning on breaking out our decks more often at our card shop, even if it's only to throw them against the Zombie Horde. We know a lot of players have EDH decks, but for whatever reason just don't bring them to the shop. We're hoping that will change if they see that we're bringing ours.

I purchased several games which I have spent very little time playing, including Mortal Kombat X, Pillars of Eternity, and more. I got the Star Trek deck building game (all three versions). We haven't played it much, though I'd like to play it more often too. Just seems like there's not enough time to get done all the goofing off I want to do!

Of course, Srdjan and I have continued to play Neverwinter as well. I got my two main characters fully decked out with "Best in Slot" items, refined to max level. We're still working on getting the newest "Stronghold" artifact weapon and off-hand item, since they're taking a lot of grinding and luck to obtain. It's such a long and involved process that most of our guild has given up on ever getting them, but Srdjan and I will keep plodding along. The alternative new weapons and off-hand, the Elemental sets, are inferior to the versions we already have, so we don't see the point in grinding for those.

I picked two old games back up that I used to play long ago: Gaia Online and Neopets. Through Gaia I also found a new game, Empire. I've spent a fair amount of money on Gaia and Empire, let alone what Srdjan and I spent on Neverwinter and MTG, but I think I'm in a good place in all of the games now so that can slow down. Empire has sucked up a lot of my time in the last several weeks as well, but I have gotten to the point now where it only requires my attention a few times per day. I will eventually get to a point where I need only log in daily, or perhaps a few times per week. I have enjoyed both Gaia and Empire quite a bit; they're filling different niches for me. Gaia lets me play "dress up" with digital paper dolls, and Empire is both asset management & construction (like Civilization), and city layout management (like the Island game I was briefly playing on iPad, until they screwed up my island with bad coding).

Srdjan and I also attended Tampa Bay Comic-Con, in costume of course! It was fun to just wander around, admire costumes, play Magic, and drink vodka for the weekend. This year we attended as Zoe and Jayne from Firefly, though I'd like for us to eventually create costumes that mean a little more to us both. Firefly was a fun series, but it hasn't had a huge impact on either of our lives. It would be fun to do something with a theme that matters more to us both.

I also got to meet Destin from Smarter Every Day when he came to St. Pete! It was a very fun evening and I am so glad I made the trek down there to attend!

Srdjan and I have also been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. We're a little more than half way through season 7. It has been wonderful to share this with Srdjan, since TNG was such a big part of my life while growing up. We also watched Dragon Ball Z Abridged, and the RWBY series. Very enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to future episodes.

I had to give up trying to keep my Nail Polish collection mobile, and instead began using wall-racks to display it all. It quickly expanded into two racks, and may require a third rack sometime in the coming year! I also purchased a lot of water-slide decals, rhinestones, and stamp plates. It has been a lot of fun coming up with creative designs for my nails. I also started posting my nail designs to DeviantArt, and have been getting a lot of inspiration from there too!

I got Srdjan an HTC One M8 for his birthday, and Mom a blue laptop for her birthday. Yay technology! I also had custom wedding rings made for Srdjan and I, and a custom set of Mother/Daughter rings made for my mother and I for Mother's Day.

Srdjan and I broke the wooden futon frame bed, and so I purchased a (cheaper) particle board bed. It's not great, but it will do. Eventually I'd like to get a heavy-duty, queen-sized bed. A full bed is just too small for Srdjan really, and a heavy-duty bed would (should!) stand up to our abuse a little better.

This has been the Year of the Movie for me. I bought many DVDs, and got several more for Christmas, rounding out both my Marvel Movie collection, and also many movies from my childhood. There are only a few DVDs left, and then I can focus on new releases. I haven't bought many movies in the last several years, so it was nice to be able to expand my collection so much this year.

Looking Ahead
Srdjan has left his job at Walgreens and will be starting school in just a couple of weeks. I am excited for him to embark on a path to his new career, and hope it will bring him a lot more satisfaction than Walgreens ever could.

I need to find the motivation to get back on the treadmill. I'm not sure where I'll find that motivation yet, but perhaps Srdjan and I can work on that together.

Once Srdjan and I are done with Star Trek TNG, we'll start on all of the movies (including those from the original cast). I haven't even managed to get through the whole first season of TOS, so I don't think I can subject Srdjan to it. However the movies will give him a good idea of the original cast, their themes, and dynamic. We can then watch the TNG movies, and then start on DS9 and Voyager. There are so many things to watch though! I'd also like Srdjan to experience the full Gargoyles series, especially since a Gargoyles movie will be coming out in a couple of years! I also want to watch some of Srdjan's favorite series, like Full Metal Alchemist and a few others. It's a good thing we have the rest of our lives to spend with each other, because there are so many things we want to share!


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Dec. 28th, 2015 12:53 am (UTC)
Nice to finally get to see the wedding pix, good times.
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