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Mad Max: Fury Road

Can someone who is familiar with the Mad Max / Fury Road story & universe help me understand a minor plot point? I should start out by saying I've never seen the original films, so all of my knowledge of the canon universe comes from Fury Road.

How is it that Max used to be a cop? The world we see in Fury Road doesn't appear to have room for "cops", so it seems like he was a cop before the whole world fell apart. But the world we see in Fury Road also appears to have been that way for at least a generation or two. There are numerous characters who are as old as (or older than) Max, who are disfigured or sick, which seems to be a running theme in the population. This seems to indicate to me that this way of life has been going on for more than just a decade or two.

So where was Max a cop? Was it somewhere outside the area portrayed in Fury Road? Somewhere that took longer to fall into absolute disarray?


Part 1:
I know a person who was recently diagnosed with MRSA. She "somehow" spread it to her sister (with whom she lives), though neither of them can fathom how it would have spread between them.

Part 2:
My husband recently witnessed this person changing her baby's diaper on the couch. Not on a blanket on the couch, just straight up on the couch. When done, she took the dirty diaper and set it on the kitchen table. She reached into a bag of bagels, took one out, tore it in half, and put half of it back in the bag. She then ate the other half. After she was done, she picked the dirty diaper back up and took it to the garage to throw away.

Notice there is no point in this story where she washes her hands. Hmm, I wonder how she could have spread MRSA to her sister? And is it any wonder my husband and I don't want to go over to this person's house? This is, by the way, very indicative of how both women and their children live in that house. The place is always a dirty mess.

Part 3:
This person is a CNA!!!!!!!! O_O

There aren't enough exclamation points in my keyboard to express how distressed I am at this story.

Tweets of a Trump Supporter

On the plus side, it's good to keep an open dialogue between people who disagree politically.

But the "me first" attitude of many Trump supporters, who blindly lap up everything he says & believes he will be effective at "keeping us safe" and "making America great again", is not as healthy. Every time I try to make a point that Trump's actions are exactly the opposite of what we need in order to reach our goals, his supporters' eyes seem to glaze over and they don't hear me. They skip over that part and change the subject.

It's difficult to post a twitter conversation where we were replying to various tweets, with lots of threads going at the same time.. but I've tried to put everyting in a reasonable order below. Read more...Collapse )

Some Like It Hot

Let me give a little insight into my capacity for heat.

Jalapenos are 2500-5000 Scoville units. Apparently Cayenne Peppers can be 30k-50k Scoville units, but no matter how much cayenne pepper powder I dump in my food, the strongest reaction I have is "This has a teeny little bit of heat to it.." The only thing I actually find hot right now is Dave's Original Insanity Sauce, which is estimated around 180k Scoville units. I love many of Dave's other flavors for their actual flavor (all of which are far more mild), but I use Insanity Sauce very sparingly. A pea-sized drop in a bowl of soup. Three small drops per taco. If I eat tacos all week, I can work my way up to a thin line of Insanity Sauce on each taco. But then my nose is running and my mouth is on fire (and I love it). I'm not saying this makes my particularly tough. Pure capsaicin is 16M Scoville units. There are hot sauces that are sold (and presumably consumed) all the way up to that level. I'm nowhere near that. I doubt I could handle 500K.

What I'm saying is, that a mere 5K Scoville units is very mild to me. There were several months where I ate fresh jalapenos for breakfast every day, and sometimes again later in the day. The only reason I stopped eating them daily is because the associated cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and bacon are not the healthiest options for a daily breakfast. But I still eat them semi-regularly, and it's at the point where I don't even feel the burn on my bottom when it's time to pass them out of my system. My whole body is just totally used to it by now.

It's definitely something a person can work their way up to. There was a time when I thought fresh jalapenos were pretty damned spicy. But if you eat them often enough, your body adapts. I'm sure there's also some genetic component as well, with cultures who regularly eat very spicy food having a built-in tolerance.

About a year ago, I was at a restaurant as part of a work function and they served some mix-it-yourself horseradish sauce to go with a seafood tower. They warned that the horseradish itself was VERY HOT and so to be careful. It was indeed hot, and I made my sauce strong, and every time I put it in my mouth, the roof of my mouth would tingle and burn, all the way up to the top of my head. And I LOVED it. I don't know if you can put horseradish on the Scoville scale, but that stuff was STRONG. And SO GOOD.

Anyway. I just love that feeling of my mouth and lips being on fire. I don't enjoy the sensation anywhere else (like that time I was cutting jalapenos for like four hours, and the oils soaked into my fingers, and they burned like hell for three days). But mmmmm, mouth burn. :D

Frequent Aspiration

I think I may have some kind of aspiration syndrome. That is, food often goes down the wrong pipe.

First, I have to define "often" - this happens a few times per week. So, not several times a day. Which is why I haven't gone to see a doctor yet. But it's happening more and more often.

It started many years ago, where I would occasionally forget how to swallow. I know that sounds silly, since it's a reflex that doesn't take conscious effort. But there would be times, every couple of months or so, where I would have food in my mouth, and I would think "okay, time to swallow now..." and it would take a few seconds for the reflex circuit to kick in. Then, everything would be fine again for another couple of months.

Then later, it turned into actually inhaling my food. But at the time, it only seemed to happen when I was talking with food in my mouth. (I know this is rude, but we all do it.) Most of the time it would be fine, but every once in a while, food would go down the wrong pipe. At the time I just thought "Well, serves me right for talking with food in my mouth."

But in the last couple of years, it has taken yet another turn. The valve that is supposed to close off my wind-pipe just randomly opens while I'm chewing my food. I don't have to be talking (in fact, this hasn't happened while talking in quite a long while). I will literally just be sitting there, chewing my food, and the valve opens and food goes into my windpipe. Or not necessarily food, but some saliva with maybe a few food particles, and because I often eat spicy food, some amount of capsaicin. Having anything other than air in the windpipe is bad enough, but having spicy food in the windpipe is even worse!

But this doesn't happen only when I'm eating spicy food, so I can't pin it all on a reaction to the heat. And I don't know what would be causing it - I haven't had a stroke, I'm not old enough to experience muscle degradation. Some neurological problems can cause it, so maybe it's an indicator of something else? But it seems so trivial, it doesn't seem like the kind of thing a doctor would take seriously or even be able to diagnose.

So I just add it to the list of "fun things I get to deal with".

Emergency Prep List

Given the general State Of Things, I've decided to get started on my emergency preparedness plan. So far I will assume that we won't have to evacuate the house, so #5 can wait a bit. But I've made a good start on #1-4 below. Read more...Collapse )

Here comes the fire


Surely, the 2016 US Presidential Election will go down in the history books as our modern-day equivalent of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. While there have been numerous threats leading up to this moment (the situation in Syria, the actions of Russia and North Korea in general, and Brexit, among other things), this will likely be looked upon by future historians as the major turning point - the final spark that lights a fire the likes of which we've never seen.

Out of 12.86M registered Florida voters
9.3M Voted in the 2016 Race (72%)
4.6M voted for Trump (49%)
4.4M voted for Clinton (48%)
204K voted for Johnson (2.2%)
63K voted for Stein (0.7%)
16K voted for Castle (0.2%)
9K voted for De La Fuente (0.1%)
(99.9% precincts reporting)

3.5M registered Florida voters didn't vote.
Trump won Florida by around 133K votes, giving him Florida's 29 electoral college votes. Several states that went to Trump were within a few percentage points of going to Hillary, states that if she'd won, we'd be looking at a very different result right now.

To everyone in Florida and throughout to rest of the country who was registered to vote, but too apathetic to do so, or who didn't take their duty seriously:
This was not a joke. This was not a drill. You knew what the potential consequences were.
Statements like "I'm not gonna vote, but if I did, I'd write in [insert random actor's name]." isn't funny, it's irresponsible.
Deciding not to vote because you just didn't think it's important enough to do so shows how little you value democracy.
Now we will have a dangerous, narcissistic, racist, misogynist, anti-queer, fear-mongering, fiscally irresponsible, politically inexperienced, habitual liar as president of our country, with a largely republican senate which is unlikely to stop him (or even try).

To all the people who would have voted for Hillary, but were too apathetic to do so: I will never forgive you.

Beef's Final Hurrah

Today I ate the last three tacos with the taco meat we cooked last Tuesday. Those red blobs are Dave's Insanity Sauce, btw. SO HOT but so good. Plus chipotle seasoning. Mmmmmm.


Last night I watched Before the Flood, a documentary by National Geographic and Leonardo DiCaprio regarding global climate change. It's free to view in-full online for the next couple of days, so if you get a chance, I highly recommend it. I thought it was going to be boring, but instead, it was very well done. And eye-opening.

I was left with the feeling that we had to do something. Neither Buu nor I drive much, and even an electric car would still be powered by fossil fuel (at least, for now). We don't use a lot of power - we keep our air conditioning set around 77, we rarely turn on lights (even if we're in the room), our computers go into sleep mode after 20-60 minutes of inactivity.

But still, the reality of climate change is pretty horrifying. So I want to do something, no matter how small. Our decisions in purchasing are what helps fuel (no pun intended) the catastrophic pillaging of the natural environment.

So with the end of our Tacos, Buu and I will attempt to go the next year without eating beef. It's a small thing, but it can make a difference. 70% of the land used in the US for food production goes to beef. Chicken has 1/10th of the environmental impact of beef. (Dairy isn't included in "beef" btw.) Some have said that swapping from beef to chicken would be more environmentally significant than abandoning fossil-fuel burning cars. We're also going to avoid products that use "palm oil" - since so much of Indonesia's jungle is being burned down to make room for palm oil plantations.

I know that the impact our one household can have on the greater whole isn't much. And maybe there will be more benefit to our health than to the environment. Or maybe these decisions won't have any impact on anything at all.

But we have to try.

Meet Taco #5


Portion control is really difficult when the food is this damn good.

Ground beef (5lbs), onions (2), garlic (lots), green bell peppers (2), green chilies (5 cans), diced pickled jalapenos (lots), black beans (2 cans), cayenne pepper, salt.


Plus shredded cheddar, shredded white six-cheese mix, chopped green tomatoes, green onions, romaine, green salsa, sour cream, and hot sauce, all in a crispy corn shell.

The only problem is, they're so good, it's hard to stop eating them. Did I really need five tacos for dinner tonight? No, but my taste-buds are sooooo happy.

Trolls on the Internet

Long YouTube conversation full of vitriol after the cut. Read more...Collapse )